Aerial Yoga & Health Benefits

The Yoga Studios are now offering Aerial Yoga classes. Why should you take part?

Get on board and ask us when the next Aerial Yoga class takes place and see the following benefits:

Increases your flexibility

Being in a gravity-defying pose will enable you to accomplish things that were never possible on the ground. Different muscles will be exercised while others will relax. Also through utilizing different sets of muscles it should aid fat burning as your body will yet to build up muscle memory. Variety is the spice of life!

Create a positive mental mindset

Go on put your feet up……no not like that. Your spirits could be lifted by taking part which will have a psychological benefit to your mental health.

Takes stress off certain joints

The hammock will take the pressure off certain areas of the body like the head and shoulders. With guidance it may provide relief for back pain, aiding decompression, and discomfort from holding poses during day-to-day working activities.

Things to consider when enrolling for a class:
  • Have faith in the sling – many people will have used it before you and succeeded.
  • Wear the right clothes – a sports bra and tight clothing will help you.
  • Don’t eat a big meal – you may spend some time upside down in unusual poses.
  • Remove all non-necessities – you don’t need your watch or jewellery.
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