Keeping Fit With Yoga

Yoga has completely different objectives from many sports and may be utilised in a variety of ways. There is a strong focus on:

  • When carrying out various poses different joints may be taken past their usual thresholds. This will lengthen the tendons and muscles allowing for greater flexibility. Younger Yogis will adapt far more quickly to this while care should be taken with older Yogis not to exceed the tolerance of their own bodies. The Yoga Studio Store supplies a number of different products that will aid increasing a yogis flexibility such as:
  •  A healthy diet may be needed and sustained in order to reduce weight before some poses can be achieved. The ability to carry out a routine for a long period of time will give a good indication of general health. Please consult a nutritionist for a full nutritional program. The NHS also provides a substantial amount of information regarding this. There will also be a number of articles added to this blog to aid healthy eating.
  • Although there are a number of different Yoga types, time does not need to be an issue. Often classes focus on transitioning between poses fairly quickly for more advanced Yogis. However when practicing Yoga alone or in a small group, more time may be taken and a better balance between body and mind may be achieved.
  • It does not need to be competitive. Since the focus is oneself and a balance between one’s own body and mind, personal progress can be observed. While taking a class as a beginner, it may be better to completely ignore the people around you. A good Yoga teacher will see that you are struggling, correct your poses so that you will catch up with the rest of the class. Of course, if competitive yoga is your thing, take a look here.
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