• Ben Clark From Adapt To Perform

    Ben Clark From Adapt To Perform

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What’s your story?  So I’ve always been into fitness of some sort, when I was a kid all I wanted to be was an Olympic swimmer! Luckily I was quite good too, managing to get a scholarship to a swimming school in Devon. From there my career kept forward winning age group nationals and having a...
  • Nicky Smith From Wild Heart Yoga & Fitness

    Nicky Smith From Wild Heart Yoga & Fitness

    What type of Yoga do you teach and how does it differ from the traditional forms of Yoga? I specialise in Aerial Yoga. It can be a little intimidating for many people as they think that the aerial silks have more in common with circus tricks. In actual fact the practice is heavily rooted in traditional Yoga which goes hand in hand with the...
  • Dee Nustedt From Practise With Dee

    Dee Nustedt From Practise With Dee

    What is your connection with Yoga Studio? I have been there right from the beginning. I teach 2 classes per week and although I am more in line with the age of the owners, I love teaching there. The studios are fantastic and they provide me with all the facilities I need. What brought you to Yoga? I travelled substantially with my work before...
  • Why Practice Yoga?

    Why Practice Yoga?

    Your occupation does not provide you with adequate physical and mental requirements. There are many occupations that are both stressful and sedentary. Many individuals are so focused on the tasks that they have been given that they forget about their own physical and mental wellbeing. Partaking in Yoga on a routine basis will allow an individual to re-focus on themselves with regards to their...
  • Nam Lowen From Namas Yoga

    Nam Lowen From Namas Yoga

    How important are the social aspects of yoga to you? It is very important to me to build up relationships with my pupils so I can see them go through a journey and develop. I am not saying that it is all about transformation but it’s just so rewarding seeing someone going from not knowing what yoga is, seeing how it influences them and...
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