• Scented Candles

    Scented Candles

    Scented candles help to provide a relaxing environment for meditation, Yoga activities or sleep. Health Benefits When the light dims, the flicker produced by a good candle can calm the soul and provide a focus for clearing the mind. The ambiance that a candle produces is largely free from UV and blue light, causing weary eyes to be fooled into thinking that the day...
  • Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Bolsters

    Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Bolsters

    Everything you need to know about yoga bolsters If you’ve not done a supported child’s pose using a yoga bolster, you’re missing out on one of the most affirming, soothing and comforting yoga poses there are. But yoga bolsters are also excellent tools for providing support and enabling mastery with more complex positions too, gradually training and encouraging your flexibility. However, the world of the...
  • Dylan Ayaloo From Awakened Yoga

    Dylan Ayaloo From Awakened Yoga

    Do you think that stress is often an issue in the workplace? There are a lot of people who have anxiety burnout and screen fatigue. With anything there is always the tangible experience of it such as mental tiredness or physical tiredness and then there is what happens inside that is not just in our heads but also how we deal with it emotionally....
  • A Guide To Meditation

    A Guide To Meditation

    It is important to acknowledge that these concepts are usually best practiced for a short period of time, such as alone or in a class. We all have responsibilities and pressures, but these concepts should create an outlook that may be carried through into our day to day lives. Meditation is a huge subject and this page explains how the fundamental concepts could be...
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