Why Practice Yoga?

Your occupation does not provide you with adequate physical and mental requirements.

There are many occupations that are both stressful and sedentary. Many individuals are so focused on the tasks that they have been given that they forget about their own physical and mental wellbeing. Partaking in Yoga on a routine basis will allow an individual to re-focus on themselves with regards to their physical and mental requirements. It can also act as a temporary distraction from the daily grind.

Your body and mind is not being stimulated.

If one suffers from anxiety or depression, a common outcome is physical and emotional stagnation which then leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga attempts to realign the balance between mind and body while reducing stress. There are various types of Yoga aimed at beginners where results and progress can be seen quickly.

Body Strengthening and Increasing Flexibility

Keeping a strong core is essential for keeping healthy and most Yoga poses exercise this part of the body. The human body adapts to city and urban lifestyles where space is a premium and modern living makes unhealthy habits habitual. 

Reducing Anxiety

Through taking the time to focus on the holistic aspects of Yoga and the environment where Yoga is practiced, stress will be reduced. It is important achieve focus for the benefits to be achieved. Meditation is an excellent way to understand the needs of the body which may lead to a positive mental outlook.


Yoga is neither high impact nor cardio vascular exercise. A yoga routine may be done at the pace of the individual and participation may increase as the participant becomes more confident. It can be a great way to get back into exercise after muscle wastage through injury or strengthening muscles or tendons. Many injuries can be overcome, while others cannot and Yoga allows the mind to focus on areas that can be improved.

Post Exercise

After exercise it is essential to rehydrate and stretch. This will stop muscles becoming knotted and reduce strain for the following day.  Yoga also focusses on reducing heartrate and entering a restful state.

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