China Gel

China-Gel is a natural, unique herbal formula of time-proven ingredients. A greaseless therapeutic gel that incorporates modern technology with the ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine, China-Gel is highly recommended by medical professionals for its long-lasting pain relief.
What is China Gel Used For? China Gel Is Great for reliving symptoms of arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, the pain of shingles, insect & bee bites, joint/muscle pains, tension headaches, sunburn, back and neck pain, rehabilitation/massage therapy, and many more.
What China Gel Made From? China-Gel is an herbal topical pain reliever developed by chiropractor, Dr. Paul Tullio in the USA that incorporates modern technology with ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine which helops to relieve muscle and joint pain and enhance healing. It contains 7 main herbal ingredients (menthol, camphor, lavender, angelica, ginseng, aloe vera and witch hazel). How Does China Gel Work? China-Gel, when applied as directed, helps to stimulate the body’s natural functions to reduce pain and inflammation in the area to which its applied, thereby lessening discomfort/pain and enhancing the healing process. The deep-penetrating effect offers a long lasting cool-to-warm soothing relief. Unlike most topical preparations that have a harsh medicinal odor, China-Gel has a pleasant, menthol/lavender fragrance on application that ultimately becomes odorless as the gel absorbs into the skin. China-Gel looks and feels like a fine cosmetic hand cream. It completely absorbs into the skin upon application and does not leave a greasy sticky residue behind. Best results are obtained when China-Gel is massaged over the area of pain for a few minutes both morning and evening.
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