Lamazuna Solid Shampoo Bar For Dry Hair - Vanilla & Coconut
Here's a new type of our popular solid shampoo bar by Lamazuna: solid shampoo for dry hair with a vanilla and coconut scent. Lamazuna is a French brand for natural products with a zero waste approach. The shampoo is used...
£9.99 £5.00
Lamazuna Solid Shaving Bar
This solid shaving bar is made in France from natural ingredients. It lathers easily and is a great substitution for disposable plastic packaged shaving foam. Lamazuna offers a wide range of natural products which don't cause any waste in your...
£12.50 £6.25
Lamazuna Reusable Makeup Pads 10 pcs In Wooden Box
Our eco friendly reusable makeup pads / cleansing pads by Lamazuna can be used for up to 300 times which is a huge money saver. They are a fantastic alternative to cotton pads and are also vegan. They come in...
£17.99 £9.00
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