Eve & Keel Surrender Crown Chakra Roller
Surrender your worries and quieten your mind with this soothing blend of organic essential oils and crystals, perfect for deep relaxation.If you find sleep elusive or struggle to let go of busy, overworked thoughts, this one’s for you.10ml clear glass...
Eve & Keel Stability Root Chakra Roller
Stabilise your inner power and evoke feelings of groundedness, safety and security with this earthy blend of botanicals and crystals. How To UseWhen feeling disconnected and prone to overthinking,roll across your pulse points (wrists, temples) for a sense of grounded strength...
Eve & Keel Intuition Third Eye Chakra Roller
Quieten mental chatter and tune into your vision with this blend of rosemary, basil, lime and lapis lazuli. The perfect companion for journaling or anyone prone to overthinking and second guessing themselves.not recommended during pregnancy10ml clear glass rollerHow To UseRoll the...
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