BAM Classic Bamboo Women's Vest Top - Black
BAM bamboo vest for women in our classic cut for working out or cooling down. Great as a first layer in any layering combo – extremely soft and comfortable, with a generous body length. We’ve worked hard to make the...
BAM - Deep Waistband Bamboo Women's Yoga Leggings - Black
Staple black leggings designed to excel and deliver incredible value. With comfortably wide and supportive waistband, the full-length leggings use our supersoft, lightweight 200gsm so they have a superior fit and feel second-skin comfortable, while the fabric helps regulate body...
BAM - Enduro Bamboo Deep Waistband Women's Yoga Leggings - Black
Bamboo fabric’s heat-regulating properties and UV protection meet comfort and support in these luxurious full-length women’s leggings. Super-soft to touch, Enduro fabric sculpts your bum and legs and remains opaque through deep squats and downward dogs. Plus, a flattering wide...
BAM Bamboo Socks Amazing Classics - Black
Bamboo makes the best socks – not just because it’s so amazingly soft and comfortable to wear, but because bamboo’s also moisture managing so feet stay feeling fresh and fragrant all day long. And, to make them go the distance,...
BAM Bamboo Socks Heavyweight Classics - Black
BAM socks, made from bamboo, are a real treat for your feet! Once you’ve tried our super soft and incredibly comfy socks, with reinforced toe and heel, you won’t want to wear any other type of sock. Add to this...
BAM - Poise Bamboo Women's Yoga Pants - Black
Luxurious yoga pants in bamboo jersey. Flattering fold over waistband and fitted ankle cuffs that stay in place for the bendiest of stretches. Features- Standard weight fabric Full length Harem style Designed for yoga & Pilates Elasticated waistband Suitable for...
BAM - Ingra Enduro Bamboo Men's Compression Shorts - Black
Bamboo compression shorts for men are designed to be your hamstring and groin warmers, avoid those muscle strains with these supportive and very comfortable ‘next to the skin’ shorts. Great for cycling! Features- Supportive. Breathable. Prevents leg chaffing. Wear on...

Once you’ve discovered the freedom and comfort of innerwear, such as a supportive yoga bra, it’s time for the fun part; yoga clothing! A classic yogi look is a yoga bra with a pair of durable, breathable yoga leggings. Yoga clothing must allow movement and openness for the body whilst simultaneously bringing self confidence to your practice. The best yoga clothing should feel like an extension of your own skin, allowing you to focus your mind and body on the yoga experience.

Yoga tops are also a popular choice, allowing an additional layer to keep on or take off to keep the body working at the best temperature. They also offer modesty to those who wish to be a little more covered during their practice. Many yogis adore an outdoor yoga experience; our yoga clothing collections also feature warmer, long sleeved jackets and tops, for energizing morning yoga when there’s a chill in the air.

Men’s yoga pants and yoga bottoms are also designed to work with the body; they are a looser fit to provide a range of movement during the yoga flow. Our men’s yoga tops are sleekly designed vest or t-shirt fits – although you may choose to forgo a top altogether (especially for hot yoga).Breathable, intuitively designed and championing ethical brands, our collection of yoga clothing is sure to bring a new level of energy to your yoga practice.

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