• An Introduction to Using Yoga Blocks

    An Introduction to Using Yoga Blocks

    The yoga world can end up pretty divided when it comes to yoga blocks. There are some pretty hard core yogis out there who assert that any props are cheating. At the Yoga Studio Store, we completely disagree. What’s more, watch any of your favourite yoga teachers, from Yoga with Adrienne to your teacher at your local studio, and you’ll notice that they have...
  • Scented Candles

    Scented Candles

    Scented candles help to provide a relaxing environment for meditation, Yoga activities or sleep. Health Benefits When the light dims, the flicker produced by a good candle can calm the soul and provide a focus for clearing the mind. The ambiance that a candle produces is largely free from UV and blue light, causing weary eyes to be fooled into thinking that the day...
  • Choosing The Yoga Mat Material That Suits You

    Choosing The Yoga Mat Material That Suits You

    The technology behind the manufacture of Yoga Mats has changed substantially over the years allowing their design to better suit their purpose and the style of the Yogi. However, the most important aspect of the mat is that it is practical and aids performance. There are a number of different styles of mat that vary in both material and thickness and your choice may...
  • Keeping Fit With Yoga

    Keeping Fit With Yoga

    Yoga has completely different objectives from many sports and may be utilised in a variety of ways. There is a strong focus on: Using the body’s own weight to strengthen muscles which will naturally lead to a good balance between body frame and muscle mass. There are various props that can be used to vary the poses and difficulty level such as: When carrying out...
  • Ben Clark From Adapt To Perform

    Ben Clark From Adapt To Perform

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What’s your story?  So I’ve always been into fitness of some sort, when I was a kid all I wanted to be was an Olympic swimmer! Luckily I was quite good too, managing to get a scholarship to a swimming school in Devon. From there my career kept forward winning age group nationals and having a...
  • Nicky Smith From Wild Heart Yoga & Fitness

    Nicky Smith From Wild Heart Yoga & Fitness

    What type of Yoga do you teach and how does it differ from the traditional forms of Yoga? I specialise in Aerial Yoga. It can be a little intimidating for many people as they think that the aerial silks have more in common with circus tricks. In actual fact the practice is heavily rooted in traditional Yoga which goes hand in hand with the...
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