Yoga Studio Organic Cotton Yoga Mat
Yoga Studio's Organic Yoga Rug is handwoven by hand loom, In India and made with finest quality rich organic cotton. Our Organic Cotton Yoga Rugs are woven in the traditional authentic style. They are Completely Eco-friendly and biodegradable. Yoga Studio's...
7 Colours Available


Yoga rugs are fantastic for practicing yoga on the go. The thin but durable material allows you to feel the earth below you and improve finger grip. Yoga rugs tend to be more popular with those who have already mastered the yoga basics or who don’t need the extra cushioning and support of a yoga mat.

 However, they are not reserved for experienced yogis only! Yoga rugs are the traditional way of practicing yoga; before the creation of the yoga mat, tightly woven yoga rugs provided yogis with all the support the needed for a full practice. One of the benefits of a yoga rug is that the grip improves as you sweat. It is perfect for hot yoga or power yoga – or indeed any practice where you are working up a sweat. Some yogis place a yoga rug over their mat for the ultimate comfort and grip.

Choosing a yoga mat or yoga rug is entirely personal. Think about how you practice and what sensations are most important to you. All of our yoga rugs are weaved in the traditional way and made from ethically sourced materials.

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