Yoga Studio Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket
Yoga Studio's Organic Yoga Blankets are hand woven by hand loom, In India and made with finest quality rich organic cotton. Our Organic Cotton Yoga Blankets are woven in the traditional authentic style. They are Completely Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The Yoga Studio...
11 Colours Available
Yoga Studio Plaid Fleece Blanket
Features- Material: 100% polyester. Pill resistant. Carry handle. Fabric weight: 220gsm Dimensions: 150 x 120cm
4 Colours Available
Result Active Polar Fleece Blanket
Features- 100% polyester. Azo Free. Pill resistant Machine-washable. Quick drying. Chunky natural contrast stitched edging. Size : 175 x 140 cm
5 Colours Available
Manduka Cotton Yoga Blanket
With slightly larger dimensions, this Peruvian recycled cotton yoga blanket provides both versatility and coverage. Fold, roll and stack into any way that supports your pose – the luxe, rustic fabric moves the way you want it to. The perfect...
Manduka Recycled Eco Twill Wool Blanket
Made of 100% recycled fibres, this blanket is mouldable and foldable to support your body in restorative and dynamic yoga poses for the ultimate warmth, comfort and versatility.The only yoga blanket you’ll ever need.This eco-friendly blanket is woven from a...
Chranket Yoga Blanket
The Chranket blanket is a beautiful cosy ultra soft new fabric fleece blanket by Reflotherapies, which can be used as a blanket, or folded into a cushion with the cushion cover provided.Chrankets are designed with the colours of the chakras,...
Yoga Studio Organic Cotton Yoga Mat
Yoga Studio's Organic Yoga Rug is handwoven by hand loom, In India and made with finest quality rich organic cotton. Our Organic Cotton Yoga Rugs are woven in the traditional authentic style. They are Completely Eco-friendly and biodegradable. Yoga Studio's...
7 Colours Available
Jade Yoga Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket
Jade's Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket is perfect for a little extra warmth or a little extra lift. These blankets are soft and supple and can be folded or rolled for the right alignment or support.Jade blankets are handmade in India...
4 Colours Available


Keep it cosy! Yoga blankets and rugs are a traditional and versatile item in any yogis kit. Yoga blankets and rugs can be used in place of a yoga mat if you’re in a bind or on the go but their uses go far beyond this. Keep your body calm and warm during meditation with a quality yoga blanket; the weight and warms of the blanket is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to settle back into a truly enlightened meditation experience.

Yoga blankets and rugs are particularly popular with the travelling yogi. Easily rolled and transported they can be thrown over the shoulders as you watch the sunrise before being packed up and taken to your next location. Yoga blankets can also bring additional support and be used in a similar manner to a yoga bolster or even a meditation cushion.

We champion ethically sourced materials that are easy to take care of. Detailed stitching and luxurious fabrics create a blanket that is durable, cosy and multifunctional.

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